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Daily Tag 02/22/2015

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  • "Conclusion The division of labor is clear: Use asm.js if you need to crunch numbers. Use SoundScript if you need fast OOP. Further optimizations for storing objects efficiently are being worked on (e.g. Typed Objects). Use JavaScript for everything else. Then you get maximum flexibility and static typing (should you desire it) is completely optional [4]. SoundScript is still in its very early stages. What matters is that Google experiments with making JavaScript OOP faster. How SoundScript is integrated with JavaScript can still be tweaked later. Random idea of mine: Instead of marking code via "use stricter" and "use stricter+types", it may be feasible to use ES6 modules in some way. Further reading “Javascript at the speed of light” by Dmitry Lomov (slides) “Explaining JavaScript VMs in JavaScript – Inline Caches” by Vyacheslav “Mr. Aleph” Egorov asm.js: closing the gap between JavaScript and nativ"

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Daily Tag 02/09/2015

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