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  • ""Years ago management in major banks and corporations decided that they could outsource vital IT functions to companies such as IBM, Tata, HP and Atos Origin T-Systems. The idea was that if you describe the processes you require adequately, it's safe to delegate their execution to outsiders. But the first contract goes to IBM, two years later a contract for another part of the infrastructure is awarded to HP, then Cisco gets to manage the network … Now, who is responsible for the overall system? All systems need patches frequently. But before you install one, you need to make sure it doesn't do things you didn't expect. This requires cooperation between these suppliers, who will of course charge for these things. Often the various suppliers' support contracts don't match. Also, there is little continuity within those suppliers; operations are restructured, people get replaced or moved around. Vital expertise gets lost. Major suppliers do collaborate on patch management. But each has to 'certify' every upgrade, and since each works with a different 'software map', they come to different decisions on different timetables regarding certification. Often the latest software cannot be installed because one of the suppliers has not certified it."

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